FAQ's General

I’m considering hiring a coach. Where do I start?

The process begins with a Complimentary Consultation via telephone. This is where we determine if coach and client are a good fit. 

What’s the difference between coaching and advisory/consulting?

A coach will ask probing questions to bring out your unique abilities, help you create a vision and plan for the future, and will stay with you while you implement changes. A coach holds you accountable for what you say you’ll do, gives you a push to do more than you would do on your own, and helps you overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success.

A consultant is usually an expert in a specific industry, will give you answers to all your questions, and may even implement strategies and programs for you. 


I’ve heard that coaching involves you asking me a lot of questions. Would you give me some examples?

You’ll notice right away that a coaching conversation is very different than one you might have with a best friend, partner or co-worker. Instead of offering advice or personally relating to your statements, I’ll ask you what coaches call “powerful questions.” These are open-ended, often begin with “what,” “how” or “when,” and are an invitation for deeper reflection and exploration. Here are a few examples:

  • What are you committed to?

  • What did you learn/notice?

  • What’s next?

  • How will you know?

  • When will you take action?

  • What are your choices?

  • What’s true?

  • What could be possible?


 What are the benefits of coaching?

  • You will avoid many of the mistakes business owners make.

  • You will accomplish more than you would on your own.

  • You will have the ability to see greater possibility and develop more strategic ways of thinking that create bigger impact.

  • You will achieve your goals more quickly.

  • You will have a collaboration partner , a thinking partner who will support you growth and bring a new perspective to you and your team.

  • You’ll learn strategies and leadership skills to draw business directly to you.


What’s the coach’s responsibility?

In every interaction I have with you, I will act with integrity, honesty and sincerity. I will set aside distractions and be fully present. I will access my intuition and seek the best way to support your needs. I will gently probe as well as ask direct questions, and I will seek your permission if I want to offer a suggestion. My approach to Coaching involves a hybrid of styles, mixing some consulting in with the coaching paradigm. I will provide you with support, encouragement and a safe space to take risks. All communication is confidential. I abide by the ethical standards set forth by the International Coach Federation. If you need assistance I cannot provide, I will refer you to a variety of resources.


What’s my responsibility as the client?

You are committed to action and evolution. You want to look more closely at what you’re doing – and not doing – and make changes that will move you forward. You come to the partnership with curiosity, openness and a willingness to be honest with yourself and with me. You are ready for new possibilities and ways of seeing yourself and those around you. You set the agenda and tell me what you need for each session. You determine your goals and priorities. You define success for yourself. You keep your commitments and are fully present for each session.


FAQ's Specific

What are the packages and payment terms?

Please see the Work With Us page for packages and pricing. 
Clients can pay via credit card online and will be sent an invoice for tax / business purposes. We accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

What are your coaching areas of expertise? 

My Executive & Leadership coaching expertise is in performance enhancement, leadership development, developmental sense making and complex thinking, building resilience and career transition. I also work with founders, ceos and executives to help them identify and connect with their strengths, to have greater clarity of purpose and goals and to increase their own self awareness and understanding in order to deliver strategic success at work.

What consultancy services do you provide? 

We provide advisory services to businesses, most frequently our existing clients.  Some of the expertise and advisory services we provide are on Foundher’s About page that details the experience around strategy coaching and innovation. If you would like to discuss an engagement , please contact us via Foundher’s Contact page.

What locations do you work in? 

Currently based in Brisbane Australia, however work with clients currently throughout Asia and the USA. Our coaching programs are via Zoom. Intensives are in person at various locations throughout the year and based on engagement requirements can be with you in your location.

How do I contact you to ask a question that’s not here, or to learn more about your services?

So Simple! Schedule a chat to discuss anything we may not have covered. My up to date calendar is located on the Contact page. and you can book directly.