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For some of us, building and leading a business is all that matters. For others, it’s about connecting who you are, with what you do.

At Foundher, we don’t believe in one-dimensional business coaching. Instead, we believe your business should be an extension of you, and your desire to create positive impact in the world.

That’s why we put the ‘inner-work’ of business leadership development at the heart of everything we do.

Our transformational partnerships will show you how to connect your purpose and co-create the actions to lead from the best of who you are.


‘People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe’.


Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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'“Connect your purpose with your business. That’s how you create the greatest transformation.”

Not your average business coach or advisor, Elana believes personal and business growth - when interwoven - is the most powerful place you can lead and succeed from.

Elana works with founders, CEOs and business leaders, providing the highest quality coaching and advisory partnerships to a growing number of clients throughout Australia and globally.

Clients prefer her personalised approach because it helps them understand the real drivers of their purpose and impact, and how to harness those to create sustainable success. Using all her know-how, Elana will guide you to grow business that not only does well, but also feels good and creates good.

“More than just a strategy for business, it’s a strategy for life”
Chris, Co-founder & CEO




Elana combines leading skills with her inimitable warmth and goal-oriented practicality, to help you achieve lasting change and impact.

Her coaching and advisory partnerships are underpinned by three areas of focus:



Coaching is Elana’s passion. As an ICF-Certified Coach, she also holds a membership with the Institute of Coaching (Affiliate Harvard Medical School), has completed Executive Post-Graduate studies in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring, and is authorised with the prestigious Leadership Circle Profiling tool.

Elana has participated in future of work experimentation such as deliberately developmental organisations, designing for human systems, has worked with organisational psychologists and is passionate practitioner of The Growth Edge Coaching approach.


With experience working as part of a world-leading Strategic Innovation group, Elana is highly skilled in embedding the culture and practice of innovation into organisations. She deeply understands structural changes emerging in the world and how they result in strategic risks (incoherences) and therefore, new opportunities for innovation in organisations.

Her expertise within a global network of business thought-leaders and practitioners means she is not afraid to test, challenge, experiment and shift the boundaries of what’s possible.

And she is adept at the leadership development required to be combined with design frameworks to meet organizational lifecycles, patterns, and dynamics, with full knowledge of best practices and research-based methods.


Elana specialises in helping you grow a business and a life that creates sustainable, dynamic growth. With decades of experience in strategic development and delivery, she’s now studying an MBA in Strategy and Leadership, has trained with Aalborg University creating innovative and disruptive business models, and has presented business strategies to hundreds of people over a 20+ year career in Financial Services.


From a Financial Services career, to innovation leader, to coach and consultant, I’ve discovered the greatest expression of my training and gifts is as a partner to my courageous clients creating the change they want to see in the world.

Where do you want your business to go?
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For us, ‘why’ is the most powerful question any business leader can ask.

At Foundher, we deliver leadership development coaching and a strategic advisory partnership to help business leaders and owners realise their full potential. And it means that we put purpose and innovation at the heart of everything we do, because we truly believe that purpose-activated businesses who aren’t afraid to disrupt the norm are here to stay.

We’re about modern leadership and business. Whether you’re evolving, pivoting or in the beginnings of leading a business that creates impact – we want to help you grow, personally and professionally, through new ways of thinking, doing and being in your business.

We believe that strategy is about designing what’s possible, that innovation is a given, and that adopting a mindset of experimentation can transform your business, from the inside out. We support the foundations of smart planning and encourage thinking beyond the known-zone. We’re crafters of personalised coaching programs, right down to the finest details, and we can guarantee – what’s right for (the real) you, is right for your business.


Our four values guide us everyday. And if they resonate, we’d love to hear from you.



We lift others up. We create communities. We support businesses that want to do well, but also want to do good


We approach each challenge with curiosity and integrity, knowing there is always a new way. A different perspective. A chance to elevate and make your difference.


We encourage the best from our clients, our communities and each other.


The real you. Because what matters most is connecting what you do, with who you are.

We’re for business leaders who genuinely want to take purposeful action and create difference through their work, as much for the sheer joy of it, than profit alone.


That’s why Foundher is here:

To give purpose-led, forward-thinking founders and leaders the coaching, skills and support they need at any stage of their growth. And it’s more than this. We want to foster an environment of circular giving, community spirit and positive change that is part of a broader global shift.

Together with our clients, we’re shifting old habits and offering smart, strategic guidance for real impact that’s not only for the benefit of their businesses – but for their clients too, and for the wider world. Because we believe that making a positive impact through your business should not be impractical or unattainable. It should be found.


Modern coaching and leadership skills for every business.



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As part of our philosophy on giving back to our community, Foundher volunteers monthly coaching and advisory hours to government, private and NFP organisations. We offer quarterly, The Foundher Scholarship to SME business looking to make their own impact.

Foundher is approved as a Mentor for Growth (M4G) and Women in Business for the Australian QLD Government, and is a Career Mentor for Business Economic and Law students at the University of Queensland.

Elana Robertson is a judge for The Stevie International Business Awards® alongside many of the world's most respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, and business educators.



Our philosophy is of ‘circular abundance’ – the notion of giving and receiving elevates us all.

We are passionate about creating change in the world. That’s why we offer a scholarship program open to everyone, regardless of location, background or business.

We offer four annual scholarships to support Foundhers who want to use their business to create impact.

We want to contribute our experiences and skills to others, so they can contribute their skills and experiences to create a greater ripple effect of impactful change.

This is your exclusive chance to get the intensive support you need to bring purpose, elevated leadership and an impactful strategy to your business.

Each scholarship recipient will be awarded a place on our Transformational 1-Day Impact Intensive Program , designed to help you define and lead a more successful, purpose-activated business.

Applying is easy. Fill the form below to submit an expression of interest.

Successful applicants can expect to hear the outcome within 8 weeks of submission. Winners will be notified privately and will be announced via Foundher’s social media and newsletters.

Scholarships applications are now open.

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